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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q - How much will it cost?
    • £30 per month to train as many times as you like (up to 3 times per week) or £8 per lesson.
  • Q - Do I need to buy any equipment?
    • Not immediately - you can start in a track suit or judo-gi and we can lend you a bokuto (wooden sword).
    • You can get a good bokuto for under £20, and a hakama and keiko-gi for under £100.
    • A practice sword (Iaito - without a sharp edge) can be had for £3-400, or less second-hand.
  • Q - Do I have to be fit?
    • Not especially.
    • Many people start Iaido after years of study of another martial art so our average age is relatively old.
    • We have a tradition of special arrangements for people who have trouble kneeling.
    • There are even one-armed Iaidoka.
  • Q - How soon can I grade?
    • When you are ready!
    • Some people will be ready for their first national grading in about a year.
  • Q - Do you have a system of regular seminars?
    • Yes - the British Kendo Association and our local dojos organise many weekend seminars each year.
  • Q - Do you have much contact with Japanese sensei?
    • Yes - they visit every year to run a 3-day seminar.
    • High-grades visit Japan (whenever possible) to gain individual instruction.
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