Club Mon Big River Club

Useful Terms

Sword Positions:
DattoTaking sword from belt.
KeitoSame as teitio shisei.
TaitoPutting sword into belt.
TeitoHolding the sword loose by the left side. Also used when sword is in belt and both hands loose at sides.
Teito ShiseiHolding the sword by the left side, as if in the obi. Thumb on tsuba.

Rei Bow.
Joseki Ni Rei Bow to the high section of the dojo.
Kamiza Ni Rei Bow to Kamiza. (gods)
Otagai Ni Rei Bow to each other.
Sensei (Gata) Ni Rei Bow to teacher(s).
Shinzen Ne Rei Bow to shrine.
Tachi Rei Standing bow.
To Rei Bow to sword.
Za Rei Kneeling bow.
Ritsu Rei Same as tachi rei.

Saho (Etiquette):
ArigatoThank you (informal)
DomoThanks (informal)
Domo ArigatoThank you (formal)
Domo Arigato GozaimasuThank you very much (very formal)
DozoPlease go ahead
Gomen NasaiExcuse me, I'm sorry
Onegai ShimasuPlease (when asking for something, usually as in please lets practice together)
Onegai OtsukaresamadeshitaA thank you that is used after training.
O Tsukare Sama DeshitaYou have become tired. (because of the hard work you have done teaching) - {An expression of thanks}
SumimasenExcuse me (to attract attention)

Items of clothing:
Keiko GiTraining Jacket
HakamaWide Pleated Trousers
Zekken Chest Patch (Name)

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